5 Things to Expect during the Mars Retrograde

5 Things to Expect during the Mars Retrograde

5 Things to Expect during the Mars Retrograde. Hello loves and welcome back to my blog. Have you experienced low energy levels, feelings of frustration or plenty setbacks and delays in achieving your personal or professional goals lately? If you’re nodding right now, you’re not the only one going through these emotions and situations, so hold on tight because, mars is in retrograde. Wepa!

In fact, this period of time in which you feel you can make little to no headway may be due to the planet Mars’s retrograde movement. The Mars retrograde begun in the mid-spring more exactly on April 17th and will continue up until June 29th. Currently Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius but soon enough, on May 28th it will move to Scorpio, so if anything, you need to prepare for the ride that’s happens once every two years. 

In its first stage, with Mars retrograde in Sagittarius we might experience setbacks or reactions regarding moral principles or religious ones, Mars retrograde in Scorpio will complicate things a tad more and putting some stress on our finances and personal issues, for which we need to have a deeper understanding to solve for good. Challenging, right?

In astrology, Mars is associated with action, new beginnings, initiatives, conflicts as well as individuality. Mars retrograde is among the rarest astrological cycle and it doesn’t necessarily mean inactivity, but rather being more reactive to various situations in opposition to being proactive. Although it may sound a bit scary, when you get to understand the subtleties and effects of Mars retrograde, you will have the right tools to make this ride rather enjoyable and full of self-discoveries!

Here are 5 things to expect during the Mars retrograde to help you cope better with all these starry events.

# 1 Delays and Empty Promises

A very common situation you will experience during this Mars retrograde is definitely project delays as well as empty promises from the people around you. So you may also feel as if you cannot stick to your plans and start anew due to a series of series of unfortunate events that will prevent the unfolding of your plans. In some cases you will feel your own ambitions diminishing or a change in interests as if there is an internal battle inside you between the ego mind who wants to get things done and your true self who is rather looking to attain a certain state of being.

# 2 Personal Blockages and Limitations Resurface

It’s this time that we feel we cannot move further on our path, because we are out of tune with our true divine selves. There are things that need to be unraveled and brought to light from deep within your subconscious, beliefs and ideas that are not yours, but still seem to haunt you and drive you crazy. Your challenge is stop whipping these morbid ideas, traumas and paranoia under the rug but bring them out, face them and integrate them into our consciousness. This is the only way to get unstuck, regain back your inner strength and free yourself from this constant leek of energy that you experience. Mars retrograde is a great time to start create the reality that you truly prefer, so go ahead!

# 3 Irrational Behaviors and Reactions

Mars retrograde brings about very powerful levels of energy due to its closeness to our planet, and this will also trigger great difficulties in managing and controlling this new energy. This is why, Mars retrograde can influence irrational behaviors that reflect in our personal approach to situations, but also in understanding others’ actions. You may feel as if you’re taking action when it is not the case or being disinterested when you need to do something. Use Mars retrograde energy for the better to reassess personal wishes and current projects.

# 4 Mood for Disputes

During this Mars retrograde the feeling that the others are picking on you or feeling attacked and having this urge to fight back even if it’s not the case. This behavior will take a toll on our inner power. It’s not a time to impose your views of other people, because the chances you fail are huge, and this situation will force us to find different approaches with different people to find and solve the real cause of the problem.

# 5 Feeling Dis-empowered

Mars retrograde triggers an intense reflection and meditation process in all of us, and we feel this need to question where we are in life now, especially if our gut instinct tells us we’re not on the right track. Still, you shouldn’t put your life on hold, while Mars retrogrades because this is not the true purpose of this transit. Whatever you’re going through right now serves an important purpose and it’s not for good, but temporary. Feeling rather introspective and hesitant doesn’t mean you’ve lost your personal power, but that you’re refining yourself to tune perfectly to your true self deep within.

Keep in mind that this is not a time for initiations and force action, but a time for questioning, discovering and recreating our inner selves by integrating everything that we are in order to become who we choose in the future. Mars retrograde is a time for your soul and spirit, take care!

Much love as always loves – Emilie Moe

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