What is a Twin Flame?

What Is A Twin Flame? Most of us seek to find what we all commonly call a soulmate. We see movies and read these romance novels that speak to us about “the one”.  However, a soulmate can also be a friend, a relative or a child…this type of relationship may be totally platonic. I believe that what we seek is really a Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is a much deeper connection than a soulmate, I would dare say. This person will love you beyond time, circumstances and distance. This twin flame is so connected to you that years can pass you by and you will feel each other close. You know each other’s’ weaknesses and still accept them. Sometimes, this person can marry someone else but their heart will always be with you. It’s a beautiful cosmic connection that transcends all things. It is purely unconditional. It is real and powerful.

The love between twin flames is so strong that it can physically heal the deepest of wounds. The twin flame can sit back and let you be as you are and will sacrifice their own happiness for yours. The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to chase it. Life will bring it to you time and time again regardless of any situation. Be still and be open.

How Do I Know I Met Him/Her?

Discovering your twin flame is magical.  Who is this special person that you will love eternally?  How do you recognize it?  Does it happen to everybody?  Think for a minute of a person that you have loved or love beyond your own control.  It’s a pure love; a healthy love that doesn’t manipulate or control the other person.  It’s a secure love.  This type of connection doesn’t feel jealousy or fear.  A twin flame comes at you like a burning fire that burns away everything you’ve ever known to exist.

When you meet this person, your world shifts.  Your common sense goes out the window.  Spiritually, they challenge the common knowledge of organized religion and it surpasses all cultural, economic and social boundaries.  You see no color, no money, no religion, and no physicality.  Your spirit leaps with this newfound freedom.  It’s a liberating love that opens your heart to endless possibilities.

There is a feeling of protection and completion around this person.  There is a peace that surpasses all understanding.  You cannot explain it.  You feel a sense of oneness.  You may have many soulmates in your life.  These soulmates are friends, partners, family members, children and sometimes strangers.  But the Twin Flame is only one.  This special part of you comes once in your life.  It completes all the part that are missing.  You can be whole, but this person will add to your wholeness.

A twin flame isn’t tangible all the time; some seasons in life require distance. Still, this person has a divine purpose.  This person will challenge your limits and break down the stigmas placed by this world. A twin flame can be someone that you love forever even if you don’t end up with them.  They will hold a special place in your heart that nobody can touch.  This person lies in that secret chamber of your existence.  The twin soul brings out the best and worst in you forcing you to confront each aspect of yourself.  It’s like a purifying fire to gold.  During any separation, lessons are learned for both to grow and evolve.  And once the universe decides the timing is right, you are brought back together.

Your Twin Flame will force you into transformation; not by their personal control but because that connection is so powerful.  The love between you and this person is so strong that a metamorphosis occurs.  Before you know it, over time, you have become something different without noticing the process.

Your encounter is individual…it is customized to you and this person.  The universe will design the perfect way for you to meet.  When you do, you will just know.  You may not know it right away, but in time, after carefully analyzing each and every step life gives you it will be recognizable and you will just know.

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