Emilie Moe is an Empath, Psychic, Life Coach, and Diviner who is dedicated to providing

excellent services to her clients. Emilie is known for her accuracy, integrity, and


Please read these Terms and Conditions prior to booking any type of reading with Emilie

Moe. When you book and pay for a reading with Emilie Moe, you are stating that you have

read and understood the Terms and Conditions outlined on this page, and that you willingly

agree to and accept the following:

Services Agreement:

You will be remitting payment as a “Service”, not “Goods.” You’re not paying me for a product. You’re paying me for my knowledge, experience, insights, foresights, and my time. You’re paying me to set aside everything else in my life, clear my schedule and head space to dedicate entirely to you for the duration of your reading. When you order a reading phone or an email reading, you are receiving from me a customized, personalized service, not any ordinary product.


1 – You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in a reading with Emilie Moe. Emilie

Moe will not read for anyone who she knows to be under the age of 18.

2 – Emilie Moe reserves the right to terminate a reading at any time if she feels:

a. She feels a connection with the client has not been achieved.

b. She feels that the client is not psychologically responding to the reading in a

c. If the client is abusive, confrontational, or aggressive in any way.

positive manner and that continuing the reading might harm the client.

*Please note that Emile Moe will immediately report any instances of hate mail,

harassment, fraud or interference in normal business operations to the

appropriate authorities. She will follow through with the necessary legal and

practical actions to end any such behavior directed at her or her business.

3 – All information that comes through in a reading by Emilie Moe is given with the

understanding that no prediction is 100% accurate. She understands your free will to

choose your own path and outcome, and also the subtle influence and vibration of psychic

and spiritual connections.

4 – The client maintains the responsibility to come into each reading being of sound mind

and ability to accept or decline any guidance given, seership predictions, and spiritual

communication. *All information given takes into mind that the client will exercise his/her

free will in making future decisions.

Audio and Video Recordings

Emilie Moe does NOT consent to any audio or video recordings of her being made. 


Emilie Moe is highly respected for her integrity. Any personal information you disclose is

held as confidential and will never be traded, sold, or rented to any third-party. Emilie Moe

will not use the real names of clients in her writing (blog/social media). Emilie Moe will

only disclose personal information without consent if legally required to do so.


You agree to hold Emilie Moe completely and absolutely blameless and indemnify Emilie

Moe, her business, practice, and website from all possible losses, liabilities, and/or damages

that may arise from the use of Emilie Moe’s services and website.



PURPOSES ONLY and do not in any way constitute medical, financial, legal, personal, or any

sort of professional advice. By engaging in a psychic reading or using this site, you

understand that Emilie Moe does not provide recommendations, advice, or give any

directions for a client to follow. A psychic reader, for example, may offer a personal opinion

from time to time, but that does not constitute advice.

Emilie Moe will not diagnose illnesses or medical/psychological conditions, including questions pertaining to pregnancy and death.

The content of psychic readings from Emilie Moe and the use of this website are

for entertainment purposes and should not be relied upon as fact or professional advice.

Copyright Notice

The “User/Client” acknowledges that the information, data, images, sounds, illustrations,

and other materials on the site are copyrighted works of Emilie Moe and/or various third-

party providers. Reproduction or storage of information or work retrieved from this site, in

all forms – by media or technologies now existing or hereafter developed – is forbidden

without the expressed permission of Emilie Moe.

If you would like to contact Emilie Moe for permission, please use the Contact Form on this

site or email her directly at Info@EmilieMoe.com


1 – If you miss your allocated time slot, Emilie Moe reserves the right to refuse a refund.

2 – If Emilie Moe cancels a reading due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, she will offer

an alternative time slot for the reading or a full refund.

3 – There are no refunds on phone or Skype Psychic Readings once the reading has been


4 – Phone or Skype Psychic Readings, once paid for, CAN be refunded PRIOR TO reading.

5 – All Email Psychic and Audio Psychic Readings, once paid for, can only be refunded

within five (5) hours of payment. AFTER five (5) hours, a refund will not be given for an

email or audio reading.

Privacy Policy

Emilie Moe respects the information of her clients and visitors and will do her best to

protect the privacy and security of data related to her clients and visitors. She will never

give or sell details that she collects from her clients and visitors to her site to a third-party

unless she is legally obligated to do so.

Policy Changes

From time to time, Emilie Moe may change or add on to her policies, terms, and conditions.

Any policy changes will be posted to this page so that you can stay informed about how

Emilie Moe collects, uses, and discloses information.


If you have any questions about Emilie Moe’s policies, terms, or conditions, please message

her via the Contact Page or send her an email: Info@TarotByEmilie.com