New Moon in Sagittarius, November 29th – What does it reveal to us?

New Moon in Sagittarius Each New Moon phase takes place in a zodiac sign, and its message mirrors the aspects and values of that particular sign. New Moons are associated with fresh starts and new approaches, with opening perspectives and letting go.

Let’s start with understanding more about the Sagittarius. This fire symbol teaches us that everything has a story, and if we become receptive enough, we’ll gain access to the divine pool of information. People need stories to grow and mature, to transition from a cycle to the next and the Sagittarius lets us choose what kind of story we want to live and tell next. This sign is mutable, and whatever we focus on during this New Moon, it will manifest in the physical reality. It’s up to you to consciously call into existence the emotions and circumstances that you want to experience.

Imagine the New Moon like a fertile soil in which you gently but deeply plant the seeds of your future health. We talk here about mental, emotional, vibrational and physical health. What kind of seeds do you carry inside and which of them would you like to create the world around you?

More than that, the New Moon in Sagittarius is the last New Moon of the year. The next one will come during New Year’s Eve. Because it’s the last New Moon, it carries a strong vibration that opens the doors towards deep self-understanding and spiritual knowledge. This Moon Phase helps us figure out our place in the Universe. Sagittarius is all about spiritual seeking, truth and optimism. Connect to this New Moon, and you’ll gain insight into old patterns and rigid beliefs. The symbol of Sagittarius is the arrow, and it means:

  • Focus

  • Determination

  • Hunting for what’s authentic

  • Guidance

  • Leap

Therefore, this New Moon brings all of the above-mentioned tools in your garden. Use them wisely and plant now the seeds for the next year!

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