JLO and Drake

JLO And Drake Tarot Reading

JLO And Drake Tarot Reading. well, we all get hanged up on the latest celebrities relationships. Especially, if it’s trending.  Drakes and Jlo’s new picture surfaced together on Instagram and me being the nosy tarot reader decided to do a tarot reading to see what is really going on with these two. Is it just for show or is there something really aflame with these two? I mean he just does not seem to fit this hot Latina taste but, let’s see you never know with JLO she was just kissing Marc Anthony a few days ago.

If you did not see the picture that everyone is talking about here it is below:

JLO And Drake Tarot Reading

I did a small tarot reading spread about these two and this is what I see the real situation is going on between Drake and JLO.

JLO And Drake Tarot Reading

Ace of coins – Three of cups and the Page of coins. 

Well, there you have it. This is surely a publicity stunt The Ace of coins opens this reading saying that what they are doing is based on money, attention, and new business venture. I believe that they are working on new music together which will be like a party song. ( The Three Of Cups)  It will be big and become very popular.  These two admire each other very much. ( The Page Of Coins) They enjoy each others company, have a fun time together and share a lot of laughs. I even see them spending new years eve together but, there is no potential for a commitment with these two. ( There are no heartfelt cards)  It’s just about having fun for the moment and enjoyment. I see that though JLO likes younger men she feels that Drake does not have the maturity standards for her. She sees him as a page still one with one much to learn but, great with his art and loves the way he talks.  Of course, they both are attracted to each other but, this is more about the money than the honey.  I can’t wait to hear the music they come up with. I bet their great friends too. This will fizzle before, it even sizzles. They surely got our attention, though.  What a fun tarot reading to do.  – Emilie Moe (Emmy)

What do you think is really going on with these two?

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